Beveling Machine Handles Multiple Armor Steel Plates

The FasRapid LGA 3000 II beveling machine is up and running.  We have been beveling customer work as well as trying out unique beveling applications.

Beveling Machine Handles Multiple Parts

A recent customer came to us with a high quantity of armor steel plates needing a 45-degree bevel.  The customer was trying to hand bevel or machine these plates.  As the armor steel plate was extremely hard, the client reported that the hand beveling process result was inconsistent and was taking too long.  Machining these plates was becoming too costly for them  due to quick wear of carbide inserts. Since the FasRapid grinding belt is less costly to run and material agnostic, we had no problem beveling these pieces quickly.  Additionally, we were able to line them up 10 pieces at a time for maximum efficiency. Operating costs of the FasRapid are extremely low.  We were able to cut the processing time and costs with the added benefit of a quality consistency  for the entire job.

Eleven Foot Steel Plate Smooth Transition

Eleven Foot Steel Plate With Smooth Transition After Indexing

Smooth Transitions When Indexing

Another project  application we recently completed involved an 12 foot steel plate, 1 ½” thick with a ¾” bevel.  Since the plate length exceeded the working width of the machine, we had to index it once in order to finish the bevel.  The transition point was very smooth and almost impossible to detect.


The third project called for standard K-bevels on multiple parts.

This beveling process was quick, consistent, efficient and low cost.

Precision Bevel has a multitude of bevelers at our disposal to cover a wide range of beveling applications.

Besides the aforementioned projects with the Gerima FasRapid high-performance grinding beveler, we also have hand-held bevelers and a table-top beveler available to process smaller parts.

However, our Gerima FasRapid is the highlight of our beveling portfolio.  This beveling machine is the first of its kind in North America.

The FasRapid can create up to 4”+ wide bevels, has a wide angle range (0-80°), is material agnostic, and induces no heat into the workpiece.

It can accommodate 10-foot long parts in one clamping. Longer parts can also be processed by indexing them through.

It is efficient, very fast and has low operating costs.

Precision Bevel would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you whether this machine can solve your beveling problems.  Contact us about your beveling needs.