About Precision Bevel

Precision Bevel is the brainchild of Iwan Antonow.

Born and educated in Germany with a mechanical engineering degree from the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH), he brings 30 years of experience in leading positions in the automotive and steel-processing industry to the table.

Twenty-three years ago he came to the US and made it his home.

Running the US business of a German carbide manufacturer for the last 17 years gave him a front-row seat in the steel processing industry. Part of his portfolio was a line of beveling machines, mainly for weld-prep applications.

Over the years many customers approached him, especially about purchasing the larger beveling machines. They liked what they saw but could not justify the investment for the small job at hand.

Thus, the idea for Precision Bevel was born:  Get state-of-the-art beveling equipment and offer it as a service.

Precision Bevel has a full line of GERIMA beveling machines to service any kind of beveling application. Its goals are to offer high quality and quick turn-around times at competitive prices.

We have a complete portfolio of beveling machines:

  • Hand-held tools for beveling contours or cutouts or also to apply rounded edges for paint prep
  • A table-top beveler for medium sized parts with very high throughput
  • A high performance grinding beveler for very large parts.
  • Up to 10 feet long parts in one clamping, longer parts can also be processed
  • Up to 4 inch thick bevels
  • Extreme angle range 0-80 degrees

Our beveling machines are material agnostic and can handle most metals including: carbon steel, stainless, nickel alloy and armor plate giving Precision Bevel the capability and capacity to process all of your beveling needs.

We offer turn-key solutions. Bring us your parts or let us pick them up from your location.

Due to the specialized and dedicated equipment and low overhead costs we are extremely competitive on pricing.

Let us bevel your parts for you and free up your in-house resources.