Precision Bevel’s high performance beveler manufactured by Gerima in St. Wendel, Germany was just shipped Friday, August 2nd and is on its way to our U.S. facility.  Our vendor partners provided some pictures of loading it.  It is one heck of a beast.

We are looking forward to its arrival in our shop very soon.

Precision Bevel LLC is proud to commission and install the first and only beveling machine of its kind in North America and to offer its capabilities to clients.  The FasRapid LGA 3000 II Beveler can apply bevels of more than 4 inches width within a wide angle range from zero to eighty degrees.  It can also face and square steel plates.  The FasRapid is material agnostic, can process harder grades such as stainless steel, nickel alloys, and armor plate, and can handle long plates of up to 11 feet in one clamping.  Longer pieces can be indexed through the machine in multiple clampings.

We plan on commissioning the FasRapid beveler for client services the first week of September, 2019 to add to our complete line of beveling service equipment.  In the meantime, we are happy to discuss your beveling projects.  Call or email us so we can explain the capabilities of the FasRapid in more detail. Its precision and efficiency are one of a kind for small and large pieces of any kind of metal.